RockShox Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies

Tora Turnkey CSU w/Alloy Steerer
RockShox Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies
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Item Number:100082918
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Fork ModelTora Turnkey CSU w/Alloy Steerer
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RockShox Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies
RockShox Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies Crown/Steerer/Uppertube Assemblies
ActionItem #FitsFork ModelPriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
10008246935mm BoXXer Upper Tube Taper Wall Right35mm BoXXer Upper Tube Taper Wall Right$180.03Available 
1000824802009-Current Reba 29"Reba 29" Black 1-1/8" CrownSteererUpper$262.73Available 
100082918ToraTora Turnkey CSU w/Alloy Steerer$150.15Available 
1001109882013 SID/Reba$304.03Available 
1001111892013 Revelation$287.60Available 
1001113352013 Lyrik$377.68Available 
1001113572013 Revelation$287.60Available 
1001117072012 Reba$280.64Available 
10011184835mm Boxxer$180.03Available 
1001120082013 SID/Reba$279.38Available 
1001123322013 Argyle$198.20Available 
1001123592013 SID/Reba$304.03Available 
1001124252013 Argyle$293.07Available 
1001124792013 Revelation$635.25Available 
1001126172013 Totem$410.52Available 
1001126412013 SID/Reba$304.03Available 
1001126702012 Reba$262.73Available 
1001127242013 SID/Reba$279.38Available 
1001127502013 Lyrik$377.68Available 
1001127572013 Totem$410.52Available 
1001128092013 Revelation$287.60Available 
1001128972013 SID/Reba$665.74Available 
Not Available10008246835mm BoXXer35mm BoXXer Upper Tube Straight Wall Le$159.90No Longer Available 
Not Available1000824792009-Current Reba 26"Reba 26" Black 1-1/8" CrownSteererUpper$340.00No Longer Available 
Not Available1000824832005-2008 Reba G2 29erReba 05-08 51mm G2 29er Black Crown/Stee$300.00No Longer Available 
Not Available1001110592013 Revelation Dual Air$287.60No Longer Available 
Not Available1001115152013 Revelation$287.60No Longer Available 
Not Available1001123042013 Lyrik$377.68No Longer Available 
Not Available1001126422013 Revelation Solo Air$287.60No Longer Available 


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