Shimano Name Plates

Dura-Ace ST-7900 STI Right Lever Name Plate, Y6RT98030
Shimano Name Plates
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Item Number:100085814
Intended Use
FitsDura-Ace ST-7900
Shifter ModelDura-Ace ST-7900 STI Right Lever Name Plate
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$35.77 (was $39.74)

Shimano Road Shifter Parts, Name Plates
Shimano Name Plates
ActionItem #FitsL/RmodelShifter ModelPriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
100085948Ultegra 6603eachUltegra 6603STI name-plate & screw Ultegra-6603 ea$11.93Available 
100085150Ultegra ST6700Ultegra ST6700 Left Name Plate A & Fixing Screw$13.93Available 
100085742Dura-Ace ST-7900Dura-Ace ST-7900 STI Left Lever Name Plate$37.86Available 
100085814Dura-Ace ST-7900Dura-Ace ST-7900 STI Right Lever Name Plate$35.77Available 
100085916Ultegra 6700Ultegra ST6700 Right Name Plate A & Fixing Screw$14.00Available 
100086181Ultegra 6700Ultegra ST6703 Left Name Plate A & Fixing Screw$12.78Available 
Not Available100084479105 ST-5500CA/C105 ST-5500CA/C Left Cover & Name Plate$11.41No Longer Available 
Not Available100084563Tiagra ST-4400LeftTiagra-4400STI front cover assy Tiagra-4400 - L$8.09No Longer Available 
Not Available100084741Ultegra ST-6500Ultegra ST-6500 Right Name Plate & Cover$12.17No Longer Available 
Not Available100084778Ultegra ST-6510Ultegra ST-6510 Name Plate & Fixing Screw$9.02No Longer Available 
Not Available100085123Tiagra ST-4400rightTiagra-4400STI front cover assy Tiagra-4400 - R$8.09No Longer Available 
Not Available100085229Dura-Ace ST-7800Dura-Ace ST-7800 Name Plate & Fixing Screw$26.50No Longer Available 
Not Available100085343Dura-Ace ST-7801eachDuraAce-7801STI name-plate & screw DuraAce-7801 ea$29.57No Longer Available 
Not Available100085346105 ST-5600each105 5600 (silver)STI name-plate/cover assy 105-5600 - L/R ea$10.79No Longer Available 
Not Available100085365Ultegra ST-6501Ultegra ST-6501 Left Name Plate & Cover$9.95No Longer Available 
Not Available100085786105 ST5600each105 5600 (black)105 ST5600 STI Name Plate & Fixing Screw Black$13.49No Longer Available 
Not Available100086162105 ST-5510each105 5510-S/LSTI name-plate & screw 105-5510-S/L ea$8.09No Longer Available 
Not Available100086190105 ST-5500CA/C105 ST-5500CA/C Right Cover & Name Plate$11.32No Longer Available 


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