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 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson CX Tubeless Tires

Lightweight, Traction & Grip**** * Semi-slick** * Excellent lateral grip** * Flexible unique silver compound** * Ultralight 127 tpi casing** * Tubeless Ready = weight + performance + safety** * Tube type or Tubeless possible**** Use: Cyclo-cross** Section: 700 x 34** Tubetype (TT) Tubeless (TL): TT/TL** Folding bead(FB) / Steel (SB): FB** Weight: 405 g** Color: Silver

CBO Price: $30.00  Save: $38.00Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Cobra Hardskin Folding Mountain Tire

Designed with Julien Absalon and Team Orbea. High spike density to optimize dry terrain speed. Tall lateral spikes: excellent to dive in and out of turns. MRC HIGH compound: excellent mix of performance/puncture resistance/grip. HARDSKIN reinforced for a better resistance to tears and cuts. 66 TPI. Weight: 675 g

CBO Price: $39.99  Save: $50.01Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Spider Airlite Folding Mountain Tire

Hutchison Spider Airlite tires rock on every trail, every terrain & every weather. The Spider Airlites central tread with agressive knobs and optimized space inbetween to provide traction, grip & mud clearing. The Hutchinson Spider Airlite has unbeatable lateral grip with dobble high and large knobs

CBO Price: $17.99  Save: $21.96Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Piranha Light Ust Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Tire

New ultra light tire ideal for rolling terrain-central semi slick part with low knobs for low rolling resistance and performance-lateral knobs to insure an excellent grip in cornering-2.0 section for better connection between weight and performance-synthetic rubber compound (SBR) increases mileage & performance

CBO Price: $39.99  Save: $40.01Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Toro Tires

Cyclocross tire with penetrating knobs for better braking/traction in wet conditions Special rubber compound for extreme conditions TT: tube type Kevlar bead with supple 127 TPI casing Black sidewalls with black tread The Hutchinson Toro has a low profile tread designed for decreased rolling resistance and to help shed mud, and with greater space between side knobs for increased grip. More open lateral knobs that dig in betterLow knobs on the top of the tire to optimize grip and ...>> more >>

CBO Price: $32.00 - $80.10  Save up to: $32.00Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Convert Air Tubeless Conversion Kit

The simple, cost effective way to take advantage of Tubeless without the expense of new wheels Kit includes: 2 rimstrips 2 tubeless valves 1 x 120ml bottle of Protect'Air Max Installation instrutions

CBO Price: $41.99  Save: $38.01Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Galactick Tires

Hutchinson's pioneering tubeless technology eliminates tubes for a lighter, faster accelerating wheel that can be run at lower pressures Special bead compound and a thin layer of rubber inside the casing seals the tire Superlight Road Racing tire with fast rolling slick tread Galactik version co-developed with Thomas Voeckler, bridging the performance gap between tubular and clincher tires 20% less rolling resistance than a tubular tire Single compound rubber for lightweight perf...>> more >>

CBO Price: $84.95  Save: $30.05Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tubless Folding Road Tire

The world beating Fusion tire. Features a 3-compound tread to optimise durability, acceleration and cornering grip. Competition style slick profile. Ultra light 127tpi casing Kevlar-Protech anti-puncture reinforcement Carbon beads All-weather performance and enhanced durability from a thermoplastic reinforced tread compound 290g 700x23

CBO Price: $78.99  Save: $26.01Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tires

Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tires

CBO Price: $65.00 - $87.00  Save up to: $23.00Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Secteur Tires

Hutchinson Secteur Tires Item SpecificationsTire BeadFoldingISO Diameter622 / road / 29"ISO Width28mmLabeled Size28Color Tread/SideBlackTire TypeTubeless CompatibleTire Diameter700cIntended UseRoadDefined ColorBlack...>> more >>

CBO Price: $89.99  Save: $19.01 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Air Light Tube

Features:LightweightHigh air retention butyl rubber with a 60mm presta valve

CBO Price: $4.99  Save: $6.96Another Hotdeal!

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Rep'Air Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Includes 4 patches and instantaneous adhesive for long lasting repairs to tubeless tires . MTB kit has 25mm patches, Road kit has 17mm patches.Features:Kit includes superglue that remains flexible and strong after settingSuperglue does not require degreasing or roughing the surface which saves the tire casing threads from damagePatch kit can fix up to 1mm punctures on the trail. Squeeze puncture area from outside the tire to expose hole, then inject glue which will quickly set up and allow tire...>> more >>

CBO Price: $8.99 - $18.00  Save up to: $2.00 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Fast' Air Tire Sealant

Hutchinson Fast' Air allows a rider who has flatted to re-inflate a tubeless or tube-type tire while simultaneously repairing a 1mm or smaller puncture

CBO Price: $15.29  Save: $1.70 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Protect' Air Tubeless Patch Kits

Hutchinson Protect' Air is a non-latex based flat preventive liquid which uses an aramid pulp to fill holes up to 3mm

CBO Price: $17.91  Save: $1.99 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Black Mamba Tires

Aggressive, lightweight XC race tire with Race-Reposte technology TR: Tubeless Ready UST bead on a standard lightweight casing. Can be run tubeless or tubed 127 tpi casing Hutchinson Tires Item SpecificationsTire BeadFoldingISO Diameter622 / road / 29"ISO Width53mmLabeled Size29x2.0Color Tread/SideBlackTire TypeTubeless CompatibleTire Diameter29"Intended UseMountainDefined ColorBlack...>> more >>

CBO Price: $67.50  Save: $7.50 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Piranha Tires

Cyclocross tire with shallow center knobs and tall cornering knobs Special rubber compound for extreme conditions TT: tube type Kevlar bead with supple 127 TPI casing Black sidewalls with black tread The Hutchinson Piranha is an ultra-lightweight performance tire with lateral side knobs for optimal grip in turns and a semi-slick center tread. Ultra-efficient 127 tpi casingUltralight tire for dry rolling terrain; semi-slick center tread with side knobs for gripLongitudinal rubb...>> more >>

CBO Price: $58.00   

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Cobra 27.5 Tubeless Ready Tire

Progressive knob design optimizes traction in dry conditions. Fast rolling. TR: Tubeless Ready UST bead on a standard lightweight casing. Can be run tubeless or tubed

CBO Price: $72.99   

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Stick Air Tire Lever And Bead Lubricator

Hutchinson Stick'Air tire lever. Recomended for Hutchinson mounatin and road tubeless tires. Tire lever combined with a bead lubricator for assisting mounting and seating or tubeless tires. This accessory mixes simplicity and efficiency to mount your tubeless tire. One side can be used to mount or remove the tire. The other side integrates a sponge and lubricant tank(50% liquid soap 50% water) in order to lubricate the bead before mounting the tubless tires on the rim. The lubrication improves t...>> more >>

CBO Price: $18.00   

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Intensive Folding Tubeless Road Tire

The Hutchinson Intensive is an ultra long distance tire with a thermoplastic reinforced compound that improves wear and performance without decreasing grip. Two compound Kevlar-Hardskin improves puncture resistance and avoid cuts in sidewall

CBO Price: $75.99  Save: $29.01 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Carbon Comp 700c Tire

The Hutchinson Carbon Comp 700c x 23mm Tubular Road Tire is a high performance racing tubular tire and features a 100-130 PSI max.Features:High performance racing tubular tire40mm long smooth valve with replaceable core

CBO Price: $144.00  Save: $16.00 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Secteur Tubeless 700c Tire

Hutchinson's pioneering tubeless technology eliminates tubes for a lighter, faster accelerating wheel that can be run at lower pressures Larger volume tire for training and comfort on rough roads Special bead compound and a thin layer of rubber inside the casing seals the tire Thermoplastic Reinforced compound for maximum wear 127 tpi casing

CBO Price: $98.10  Save: $10.90 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Protect'Air Max Tubeless Sealant

Only 60g of liquid per tire protects against punctures up to 3mm for up to 2 years

CBO Price: $17.99  Save: $2.00 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Fast'Air Inflator/Sealant

Inflates a tire and stops leaks in 90 seconds or less. Presta compatible for use with tubed or tubeless tires. ORM-D: pressurized liquid restricted from shipping by air

CBO Price: $15.29  Save: $1.70 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Tempo 1 700c Tire

Ritchey Drop Handlebars Item SpecificationsColorBlackWeight195gBar Drop131mmBar Width40cmBar Clamp Diameter31.8mmDrop Bend StyleCompactBar Reach82mmMaterialCarbonBar Top StyleRoundWidth MeasurementCenterDefined ColorBlack...>> more >>

CBO Price: $45.00  Save: $5.00 

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Tubular Glue

High performance tubular glue for aluminum or carbon wheels. Law prohibits ORM-D materials from shipping by air

CBO Price: $5.31   

 by Hutchinson

Hutchinson Atom 700c Tire

Superlight Road Racing tire with fast rolling slick tread. Kevlar ProTech 100% Kevlar anti-puncture shield inside the casing. Dual compound rubber, 127 tpi casing

CBO Price: $89.10  Save: $9.90 

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