Avid Disc Brake Pads

Disc pads, Elixir - organic/alum (pair), XX, Elixir models, aluminum
Avid Disc Brake Pads
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Item Number:100044938
Backing Plate
FitsXX Elixir models
Springs Includedyes
Pad CompoundOrganic
Backing Plate Materialaluminum
Status:No Longer Available
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Elixir/Code/Juicy: available in organic (softer / quieter) or metallic (longer life / higher heat) compounds with steel or weight-saving aluminum backing plates. AV-6955: exclusive to the BB-5 mechanical disc brake (organic compound only). Pair/set (1 caliper): left and right pads with retraction spring. Bulk: sold 20-sets per bag (enough for 20 calipers) @ 25% savings.


  • Use with H-spring on all Avid disc mechanical disc brakes
Avid Disc Brake Pads
ActionItem #CompoundFitsPackageSprings IncludedPad CompoundBacking Plate MaterialPriceAvailabilityPrice SmashHot Deal
100024886Metal / MetallicCode 4-pistonpairyesMetalsteel$15.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 100024886 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
008048002200MetallicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)pairyesMetalsteel$17.95In StockPrice Smash 
100008882Metallic / organicBB-5 mechanicalpairyesOrganicsteel$14.95In StockPrice Smash 
100028629organicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)pairyesOrganicaluminum$22.95In StockPrice Smash 
100090296organicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)pairyesOrganicsteel$17.95In StockPrice Smash 
100090846organicCode 4-pistonpairyesOrganicsteel$25.00Place order, ships when available.  
Not Available100038792Metallic / SinteredElixir models / XX Elixir modelspairyesMetalsteel$24.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044938organicXX Elixir modelspairyesOrganicaluminum$29.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100049706organicXX Elixir modelspairyesOrganicsteel$24.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100089860MetallicCode 4-piston20pr (bulk)Metalsteel$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100090200organicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)20pr (bulk)Organicsteel$253.50No Longer Available  
Not Available100090223organicElixir models20pr (bulk)Organicsteel$249.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100090286organicElixir models20pr (bulk)Organicaluminum$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100090376organicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)20pr (bulk)Organicaluminum$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100090860organicCode 4-piston20pr (bulk)Organicaluminum$510.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100090879organicCode 4-piston20pr (bulk)Organicsteel$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100090917MetallicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)20pr (bulk)Metalsteel$253.50No Longer Available  
Not Available100098217organicJuicy (all) BB-7 (mech)pairnoOrganicsteel$20.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100118156Metallic11-13 Code 4-Piston20Pr (Bulk)$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100118157Organic11-13 Code 4-Piston20Pr (Bulk)$389.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100118158Organic11-13 Code 4-Piston20Pr (Bulk)$309.90No Longer Available  
Not Available100124958MetallicXX*/ Xo/ Elixir Models20Pr (Bulk)$249.90No Longer Available  

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