DT Swiss Alloy Nipple

DT Swiss Alloy Nipple
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Item Number:072252001000
Dt Swiss
Size1.8/15g-16mm Long
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Aluminum nipples are ultra-light and offer optimal weight reduction for minimal cost. The colored aluminum nipples are primarily used in road and MTB biking. The high-precision aluminum nipples are available in various colors and are 100% Swiss made
DT Swiss Alloy Nipple
ActionItem #ColorSizePriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
072252001000Silver1.8/15g-16mm Long$0.29In StockPrice Smash
072252000103Black1.8/15g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000803Black2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000201Blue1.8/15g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252001101Blue2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000305Gold1.8/15g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252001205Gold2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000404Green1.8/15g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252001304Green2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000509Red1.8/15g-12mm$0.49In StockPrice Smash
072252001409Red2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252000606Silver1.8/15g-12mm$0.29In StockPrice Smash
072252001506Silver2.0/14g-12mm$0.29In StockPrice Smash
072252000700Violet1.8/15g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
072252001600Violet2.0/14g-12mm$0.39In StockPrice Smash
Not Available100003088Black1.8/15G-16mm Long$0.39No Longer Available 
Not Available072252003103Black2.0/14g-16mm Long$0.39No Longer Available 
Not Available100021276Blue2.0/14g-16mm Long$0.39No Longer Available 
Not Available100061406Red2.0/14g-16mm$0.39No Longer Available 
Not Available100003093SILVER2.0/14G X 16mm$0.29No Longer Available 
Not Available072252003106SILVER2.0/14G-16MM LONG$0.29No Longer Available 


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