Tacx Fortius Rear Wheel Trainer

Tacx Fortius Rear Wheel Trainer
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Tacx i-Magic Fortius Virtual Reality System accurately simulates all riding conditions and works with real life videos (sold separately) that simulate famous courses around the world. Features new software options that offers choice of rider gender, clothing, teams, and bikes.

  • System Requirements:
    - Minimum Pentium IV (3.0 GHz)
    - 1024 MB for XP, 2048 MB for Vista and Windows 7
    - DirectX 9-compatible 3D-card with 256 MB of non-shared memory (GeForce FX or equivalent)
    - 1 free USB port
    - OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP1 or Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit version)
    - i-Magic software is not compatible with Mac operating systems
  • Accurately simulates all riding conditions including downhill
  • Works with real life videos, sold separately, that simulate famous courses around the world
  • New software options offers choice of rider gender, clothing, teams, and bikes
  • Three totally new terrains are included with the trainer
  • Sophisticated training tools including Analysis software
  • Soft Gel roller with a stainless cover reduces noise and is durable
  • Steering frame available seperate WT2022
  • Not Compatabile with 64 bit Vista systems


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