Wheelsmith Wheelsmith Ss14 Gauge Spokes

Wheelsmith Wheelsmith Ss14 Gauge Spokes
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Item Number:029954065100
SizeSS14 X 262mm
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All Wheelsmith spokes are produced from specially drawn 304 stainless steel using a variety of cold forging techniques, some proprietary. All of these process work to increase strength and fatigue resistance and at the same time incorporate a system of multiple QC inspections that ensures remarkable consistency

Size: SS14 = 2.0mm
Weight: (#72) 262mm spokes 213g
Wheelsmith Wheelsmith Ss14 Gauge Spokes
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 029954063100SS14 X 258mm$0.50Available
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 029954065100SS14 X 262mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
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 029954068100SS14 X 265mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029954069100SS14 X 268mm$0.50Available
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 029954070100SS14 X 269mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029954071100SS14 X 270mm$0.49In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029954073100SS14 X 274mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029954073500SS14 X 297mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029957073600SS14 X 298mm$0.50Available
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 029957073700SS14 X 300mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 029954076100SS14 X 304mm$0.50In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
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Not Available100128832SS14 X 176mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100128833SS14 X 178mm---No Longer Available 


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