Troy Lee Designs Troy Lee SE Pants

Troy Lee Designs Troy Lee SE Pants
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Item Number:100063156
Troy Lee Designs
Color:Imperial Navy / Orange
No Longer Available

Speed Equipment Race Pants are the embodiment of the very best research, development and ingenuity that Troy Lee Designs has to offer. With an unprecedented ability to fine-tune the perfect fit, the SE pant is designed to follow your form, no matter how your body moves.

* All new design
* Improved waist & hip fit with exclusive double stretch waist liner
* Adjustable side cinch velcro belt
* A-Grade cowhide leather knee for higher protection
* A-Grade cowhide leather crotch for added durability and grip
* Increased knee pocket for enhanced knee brace fit
* Engineered sublimated print graphics on all panels
Troy Lee Designs Troy Lee SE Pants
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Not Available100063156Imperial Navy / Orange28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063157IMPERIAL NAVY / ORANGE30---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063158Imperial Navy / Orange32---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063159Imperial Navy / Orange34---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063160Imperial Navy / Orange36---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063161Imperial Navy / Orange38---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063150Imperial Red / Black28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063151Imperial Red / Black30---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063152Imperial Red / Black32---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063153Imperial Red / Black34---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063154Imperial Red / Black36---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063155Imperial Red / Black38---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063144Imperial White / Black28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063145Imperial White / Black30---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063146Imperial White / Black32---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063147Imperial White / Black34---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063148Imperial White / Black36---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063149Imperial White / Black38---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063133Pistonbone Black28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063135Pistonbone Black30---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063136Pistonbone Black32---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063137Pistonbone Black34---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063138Pistonbone Black36---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063139Pistonbone Black38---No Longer Available  
Not Available100129224Pistonbone Blue28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100129184Pistonbone Blue38---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063127Pistonbone White28---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063128Pistonbone White30---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063129Pistonbone White32---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063130Pistonbone White34---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063131Pistonbone White36---No Longer Available  
Not Available100063132Pistonbone White38---No Longer Available  


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