Paul Components Pauls Neo-Retro Cantilever Mountain Bike Brake

Paul Components Pauls Neo-Retro Cantilever Mountain Bike Brake
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Paul Components
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Once upon a time there were only a couple of choices of cantilever style brakes, and Mafac was the king. Then mountain bikes happened and all us little guys started making brakes, and suddenly there was thirty something brands of cantis. Then V-brakes happened. Good-bye cantis, and suddenly it is 1980 all over again

This is how the Neo-Retro was born. In form, it is a
blatant rip-off of the famous Mafac Tandem brake. Long
arms that stick straight out for the highest leverage
possible. A high straddle wire for supreme mud
On this form we integrated modern adjustment features.
The pads are modern v-brake style with the very easy to
use spherical style setting washers. They pads reside in
a slot for vertical positioning of the brake shoe. (In
fact the original Mafacs are adjusted using a hammer and
a great big Crescent wrench)
Tons of power, easy set up, easy maintenance, and great
looks; the brakes come pre-greased, and with all
necessary hardware, including straddle wire and hanger.
SOME NOTES WORTH READING: These are very powerful
brakes, and have a tendency to over power thin tube
frames (in any material). For none-too-stout frames and
forks we recommend our Touring Canti. Also, the arms
stick out a lot! For smaller frames, bikes with bags,
and people with HUGE feet there can be some interference
problems-again see the Touring Canti.


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