Magura Magura Disc Brake Adapters

Magura 74mm caliper adapter, (IS) F-160mm*, QM11, (IS) 51mm
Magura Magura Disc Brake Adapters
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Item Number:100018891
Caliper Mount74mm
Code Number
Rot/Adapt Model
Rotor (front/rear)
Rotor Size
Code #QM11
Fork/Frame Mount(IS) 51mm
Rotor Size (Front/Rear)F-160mm
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Disc brake adapters for Magura 74mm disc brake calipers (not stocking adapters for 51mm or Gustav-M calipers). IS: 51mm International Standard, PM: 74mm Post Mount

11 - 160mm rotor with front IS 6" mounts and 203mm rotor with front IS 8" mounts (FOX 40)
12 - 180mm rotor with front IS 6" mounts and 160mm rotor with rear IS 6" mounts
16 - 180mm disc on the rear in combination with a Marta IS caliper with "long" lower leg and
on the front with a IS caliper with "short" lower leg.
5 - Marta model with POSTMOUNT caliper and a 203mm front rotor on forks with Int. Standard 6"
6 - Marta model with POSTMOUNT caliper and a 180mm front rotor on forks with Postmount 6"
9 - Marta model with POSTMOUNT caliper and a 203mm rotor as rearbrake on frames with IS

Magura Magura Disc Brake Adapters
ActionItem #SizeCode #Fork/Frame MountRotor Size (Front/Rear)PriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
 100023849Qm6Qm20/Qm6(Pm/160) 74mmF-180mm$8.99In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
 100118274Qm27(Pm/140) 74mmR-160mm$10.00Available
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 100118275Qm28(Pm/140) 74mmF-180mm$10.00Available
Soon (Learn More)
 100018891160mmQM11(IS) 51mmF-160mm$9.95In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash
Not Available100018892160mm / 180mmQM12(IS) 51mmF-180mm / R-160mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100093945180mmQM10(IS) 51mmR-180mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100019860203mmQM5(IS) 51mmF-203mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100019861203mmQM9(IS) 51mmR-203mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100094381203mmQM26(PM/7") 74mmF-203mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100094490203mmQM8(<09 Boxxer) 51mm / (BoXXer) 51mmF-203mm---No Longer Available 
Not Available100046567Qm7Qm7(Pm/160) 74mmF-203mm---No Longer Available 


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