Avid Lever Parts Hydraulic Brake Lever Parts

Matchmaker split-clamp mount, Avid/SRAM pr, 2-bolt split-clamp\split-clamp (only)
Avid Lever Parts Hydraulic Brake Lever Parts
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Item Number:100027304
Weight34 G
Item DetailsMatchmaker Shift or RockShox PushLoc Lever Mounts/ Pair
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$23.95 (was $29.00)

Adapts all split-clamp Avid hydraulic brake levers to accept/integrate SRAM X.0 (and 2007+ X.9) trigger shifters onto one mounting perch. Fits Avid: 2009+ Elixir models, 2007+ Code/Code-5, 2007+ Juicy-Ultimate, 2006+ Juicy-Carbon, 2006+ Juicy-7, and 2007+ Juicy-5 hydraulic disc brake levers. Sold as a set for left and right brake/shift levers
Avid Lever Parts Hydraulic Brake Lever Parts
ActionItem #WeightItem DetailsPriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
10002730434 GMatchmaker Shift or RockShox PushLoc Lever Mounts/ Pair$23.95In StockPrice Smash
10003614805+ Juicy 5/7/ Code 5 Push Rod Kit$15.00Available 
100064697Juicy 7/5/3 Lever Blade/ Silver$25.00Available 
100065900Elixir CR R 5 Lever Internals/Service Kit$19.95Available 
100066543Elixir 5 Lever Gray Lever Blade and Pushrod$14.80Available 
10010113810 GElixir 7 and Code R Lever Service Kit for Aluminum Blade$20.00Available 
1001107912013 XX Carbon Lever Blade Kit$52.00Available 
100110855Elixir 9 Complete Lever Gray$150.00Available 
100110962Elixir 7 Complete Lever Storm Gray$84.40Available 
100111076Elixir X.0 Aluminum Lever Blade Black$24.00Available 
100111139Elixir R Alloy Lever Blade Kit Black$24.00Available 
1001111942013 X.0 Carbon Lever Blade Kit$92.00Available 
100111276Juicy Ultimate Lever Service Kit$18.80In StockPrice Smash
1001113772013 Elixir X0 Lever Internals Kit$30.00Available 
10011143312 Elixir 7 9 carbon lever blade$45.00Available 
100111498Elixir CR Mag XX X.0 Lever Clamp Kit Black$13.20Available 
100111530Code R Ice Gray Lever Blade Kit$24.00Available 
1001117112012 XX Lever Service Kit$20.00Available 
100111749Elixir 7 / 9 / Code R Lever Blade Kit$20.00In StockPrice Smash
1001118172013 Elixir 5 Lever Hinge Clamp Black$68.00Available 
100112078Elixir 3 / 1 Lever Internals Kit$22.00Available 
100112232XX Elixir CR-Mag Lever Adjust Knob-Push Rod Kit$20.00Available 
100112269Elixir 5 lever Blade/Pushrod Kit Black$14.70Available 
100112322Elixir 7/9 Lever Service Kit for Carbon Blade$20.00Available 
1001123892010+ XX and X.0 Lever Service Kit$36.00Available 
100112417Elixir X.0 Carbon Lever Blade$45.00Available 
1001126482013 Elixir 5 Lever Internals Kit$29.00Available 
1001126812013 Elixir X0 Lever Carbon Black/Red$175.00Available 
100112952Elixir 9 Single Lever Black$168.00Available 
Not Available100005459Lever Service Kit: 2005-2007 Juicy7/ Juicy5/ JuicyCarbon/ 2008 Code$7.95No Longer Available 
Not Available10003774410 G07+ Code Lever Internals/Gear Kit$20.00No Longer Available 


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