Continental Grand Prix 4000 Folding Road Tire

Continental Grand Prix 4000 Folding Road Tire
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Successor to the venerable Grand Prix 3000. The Grand Prix 4000 is truly a paradigm shift. Continental's competitors will no longer be able to simply repackage their dated materials and techniques and pass them off as new.
The Grand Prix series from Continental is the benchmark for racing tires. The construction of each model and materials used within each tyre are state of the art. The new Grand Prix 4000 continues the tradition of innovation. The Grand Prix 4000 is the first racing tyre to implement Vectran technology and is therefore lighter, yet tougher than its predecessor, the Grand Prix 3000.
The Continental corporation has developed a special production process to use the outstanding features of this liquid crystal polymer fibre. One thing that hasn't changed since 1871 -The new Grand Prix 4000 is still originally "handmade in Germany

The Material
Vectran is a multifibred thermo-plastic yarn, made of
melted Vectra Liquid Crystal Polymer. Vectran is the
only LCP fibre in the world, which is made using a
spinning process. Reinforcing and matrix fibers made of
Vectran are lightweight, extremely durable, have
reliable longevity and are five times as strong as
Stronger Puncture Protection
Lighter Weight
20% Less Rolling Resistance
Higher Mileage
Black Chili - Cutting edge techology, courtesey of our ability to grind our carbon filler particles down so fine, that they do their job so much better, combining with our other compound ingredients to improve grip by 30%, reduce the tyres rolling resistance by 26% and even tread wear by 5%
Black Chili compound only available in Black color only



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