KMC Mountain & Road Chain

Z-72 7-8sp chain, silver/black, 7-8 speed, 6-8-Speed, 7.1mm
KMC Mountain & Road Chain
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Item Number:100040496
Color:Dark Silver / Brown
Size:8 Speed 116 Links
Chain ColorGold
Chain ModelX9Sl
Drive Train Speed9-Speed
Use7-8 Speed
No Longer Available

X10SL: superlight chain for use with 10 speed Campagnolo or Shimano, 240g. X9SL: superlight chain for use with 9 speed, 252g. Z9000: stretchproof, super-narrow chain for use with 9 speed. Z72: chamfered inner plates with Bulls-eye rivets for 7-8 speed. Z51: standard bushingless, chamfered plate chain for 5-8 speed. Z30: economy bushingless chain for 5-6 speed
KMC Mountain & Road Chain
ActionItem #ColorSizeLinksmodelUseWidthPriceAvailabilityPrice SmashHot Deal
 100093292Gold11/128"116 linksX9Sl9 speed / 9sp6.6mm$49.99In Stock(Learn More)Price SmashItem number 100093292 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
 100116129Pink Lady11/128"116X10Sl10 Speed6.2mm$69.99In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100116130Silver11/128"116X11Sl11 Speed6.2mm$69.95In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100116131Gold11/128"116X11Sl11 Speed6.2mm$79.95In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100116133Gold11/128"116X10Sl10 Speed6.2mm$69.99In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100122304Brown3/32"116Z-515-8 Speed7.1mm$7.95In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100126210Brown3/32"116Z-305/6 Speed7.1mm$4.95In Stock(Learn More)Price Smash 
 100059447Pink Lady11/128"116X9Sl9 Speed6.6mm$69.99Available
Soon (Learn More)
Not Available100116128Silver/Black11/128"116X 9.939 Speed6.6mm---No Longer Available  
Not Available100120807Black/Black11/128"112X10Sl Dlc10 Speed6.2mm---No Longer Available  
Not Available100040496Silver/Black3/32"116Z-727-8 Speed7.1mm---No Longer Available  
Not Available100011534Silver11/128"116X9Sl9 Speed6.6mm---No Longer Available  


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