Continental Travel Contact Wire Bead Touring Tire

Continental Travel Contact Wire Bead Touring Tire
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Color:Black / Dura Skin
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The globetrotter. You can't develop a tyre for globetrotters on the drawing board. So that is why all of Tilmann Waldthaler's experience has been put to use in the development of the TravelContact. His requirements were obvious-a robust carcass with a high carrying capacity and protection against chafing and cuts, effective puncture resistance and last but not least, a tread that makes it possible to explore paths around the world quickly and safely. A foldable version is of course also available to take along as a spare. The TravelContact is ideal for touring all kinds of routes -be it along the Weser River in Germany or the Pan Americana. 4 plies-total 240 tpi

- Replaces the Goliath Semi Slick with improved puncture protection & wider centre ridgeinThe best thing Ive ever had on a bikein says Tilmann Waldthaler world touring cyclist.
- EndlessEdge shoulder knobs have 5 - sided knobs to enhance traction for acceleration braking and cornering in a range of conditions.
- SafetySystem Puncture Protection with strong tight and lightweight nylon fabric with reinforcing Kevlar for resistance against pinches and cuts.
- DuraSkin sidewall reinforcement protects the casing from abrasion and cuts.
- Robust tread provides high mileage with reduced wear and chance or punctures.



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