Easton Ea90 Mtb Stem

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Item Number:100044107
Weight130 G
Size31.8/ 100MM 0D
Status:No Longer Available
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Our most advanced aluminum stem is a perfect blend of forged strength and stiffness at a minimal weight

  • Weight - 130 grams (120mm)
  • Diameter - 31.8mm
  • Rise - 0, 10
  • Material - Easton EA90 Aluminum, 3D forged
  • Technology - DST faceplate Top Lock
  • Warranty - Limited 5-year warranty
Easton Ea90 Mtb Stem
ActionItem #ColorSizePriceAvailabilityPrice SmashHot Deal
100044110Black31.8/ 130mm 0D$39.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 100044110 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100069358Matte White31.8/ 110mm 0D$54.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 100069358 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100069359Matte White31.8/ 120mm 0D$99.95Available
(ships in 3 - 7 business days)
100069366Matte White31.8/ 130mm 10D$99.95Available
(ships in 3 - 7 business days)
100069357Matte White31.8/ 90mm 0D$54.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 100069357 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100069362Matte White31.8/ 90mm 10D$62.99In StockPrice SmashItem number 100069362 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100043063White31.8/ 90mm 10D$100.00Available
(ships in 3 - 7 business days)
Not Available100044107BLACK31.8/ 100MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043059BLACK31.8/ 100MM 10D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044108BLACK31.8/ 110MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043060Black31.8/ 110mm 10D$63.99No Longer Available  
Not Available100044109BLACK31.8/ 120MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043061BLACK31.8/ 120MM 10D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044118BLACK31.8/ 130MM 10D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044104BLACK31.8/ 70MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044105BLACK31.8/ 80MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043057BLACK31.8/ 80MM 10D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044106BLACK31.8/ 90MM 0D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043058BLACK31.8/ 90MM 10D$95.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100069356Matte White31.8/ 100mm 0D$80.99No Longer Available  
Not Available100069363Matte White31.8/ 100mm 10D$99.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100069364Matte White31.8/ 110mm 10D$99.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100069354Matte White31.8/ 70mm 0D$99.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100069355Matte White31.8/ 80mm 0D$99.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100069361Matte White31.8/ 80mm 10D$99.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100044114WHITE31.8/ 100MM 0D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043064WHITE31.8/ 100MM 10D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044115WHITE31.8/ 110MM 0D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043065WHITE31.8/ 110MM 10D$79.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100044116WHITE31.8/ 120MM 0D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043066WHITE31.8/ 120MM 10D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044117WHITE31.8/ 130MM 0D$94.95No Longer Available  
Not Available100044119WHITE31.8/ 130MM 10D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044111WHITE31.8/ 70MM 0D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044112WHITE31.8/ 80MM 0D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100043062WHITE31.8/ 80MM 10D$100.00No Longer Available  
Not Available100044113WHITE31.8/ 90MM 0D$79.95No Longer Available  

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