Finish Line Finish Line Shock Oil

Finish Line Finish Line Shock Oil
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Item Number:100002198
Finish Line
Weight16 OZ
Fork Oil Weight
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Premium suspension fluid. A synthetic oil formulation that has become the top choice of professionals worldwide. Premium suspension fluid. Fully compatible with ALL suspension systems on the market today. A semi-synthetic oil formulation that has become the top choice of professionals worldwide. Race proven to deliver superior performance in all suspension systems. A super high viscosity index of over 235 provides consistent damping through the longest and most extreme of riding conditions. 16oz bottles available in 5 different oil weights-2.5wt, 5wt, 7.5wt, 10wt, 15wt

Customizing fork performance with oil fill and weight choice: You can speed up or slow down your forks compression and rebound characteristics by changing the oil viscosity. 2.5wt is lighter/thinner/faster. 15wt is heavier/thicker/slower. If your lightweight/smaller, go thinner if your bigger/heavier, go thicker. Plus, you can change the oil height/fill volume in your fork to make the spring rate more linear/equal or progressive/increasing as it comes to the end of the compression stroke/travel.

Finish Line Finish Line Shock Oil
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 10001466616-oz/5-Wt$10.99In Stock
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Not Available10001466816-oz/15-Wt---No Longer
Not Available10000219816-oz/2.5-Wt---No Longer
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