SRAM X7 Front Derailleurs

SRAM X7 Front Derailleurs, 44T, Low Clamp, Not Listed, silver/silver, 31.8/34.9
SRAM X7 Front Derailleurs
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Item Number:100047175
Weight170 G
Front Derailleur ClampLow Clamp
Max Ring44T
PositionNot Listed
PullDual Pull
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Wide range 2X10 and 3X10 systems with X-GLIDE™ front shifting technology • Dual pull routing • High Clamp, Low Clamp, High Direct Mount, Low Direct Mount • Speeds 2X10 • Material Forged AL-6061-T6 • Weight 137g • Outer Cage Steel • Inner Cage Steel • Mount Options high mount, low mount, direct mount • X-Glide™ Imagine being able to shift smoothly at any time, no matter what. We’re talking full-power shifts. Up, down, whatever the trail demands. The benefit of the X-Glide drivetrain is simple, yet, when you think about it, incredibly impactful to the way you ride. Flawless shifting means you’ll never again compromise your speed and power in unpredictable off-road terrain. Here’s how we did it: TRUVATIV’s crank engineers threw away the old standards and developed a new chainring geometry from the ground up. They precisely paired the different-sized chainrings and redesigned where and how the chain engages with the rings. By aligning the chainring pick-up rivets to the chain pivot pin—rather than the middle of the chain link—you get double the shift opportunities
X7 Front Derailleurs
ActionItem #ColorWeightDerailleur ColorFront Derailleur ClampMax RingmountPositionPullSpeedsPriceAvailabilityPrice Smash
100047165Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount39TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$42.00In StockPrice Smash
100047162Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackHigh Direct Mount42TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$42.00Available 
100047170Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackLow Clamp44T31.8/34.9S3Dual Pull3x10$48.00Available 
100047171Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackHigh Direct Mount44TDirect MountS3Dual Pull3x10$43.00Available 
100047172Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount44TDirect MountS1Dual Pull3x10$43.00Available 
100047173Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount44TDirect MountS3Dual Pull3x10$43.00Available 
100066012Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackHigh Clamp42T31.8/34.9Not ListedDual Pull2x10$46.00Available 
100066013Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackHigh Clamp38T31.8/34.9Not ListedDual Pull2x10$48.00Available 
100066014Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackLow Clamp38T31.8/34.9Not ListedDual Pull2x10$48.00In StockPrice Smash
100066015Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackHigh Direct Mount38TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$43.00In StockPrice Smash
100066016Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount38TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$43.00In StockPrice Smash
100066017Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount36TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$43.00In StockPrice Smash
100066018Silver/Black137 Gsilver/blackHigh Clamp44T31.8/34.9S3Dual Pull3x10$48.00Available 
100112891Silver/Blacksilver/blackHigh Clamp39T31.8/34.9Not ListedTop Pull2x10$46.00Available 
100120819Silver/Blacksilver/blackHigh Direct Mount38TDirect MountNot ListedTop Pull2x10$43.00Available 
100120820Silver/Blacksilver/blackHigh Direct Mount44TDirect MountNot ListedTop Pull3x10$43.00Available 
100120821Silver/Blacksilver/blackHigh Clamp44T31.8/34.9Not ListedTop Pull3x10$48.00Available 
100047175Silver/Silver170 Gsilver/silverLow Clamp44T31.8/34.9Not ListedDual Pull3X9$37.00Available 
100066019Silver/Silver178 Gsilver/silverHigh Clamp48T31.8/34.9S3Dual Pull3X9$45.00Available 
Not Available100047161170 Gsilver/blackLow Clamp42T31.8/34.9Not ListedDual Pull2x10$32.95No Longer Available 
Not Available100047166Silver/Black170 Gsilver/blackLow Direct Mount42TDirect MountNot ListedDual Pull2x10$42.00No Longer Available 


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