Hayes Hydraulic Tubing & Fittings

Tubing kit, Sole,Stroker Ryde - 1600mm, 98-17753, Sole, Stroker Ryde
Hayes Hydraulic Tubing & Fittings
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Item Number:100031658
BP\Acc Model
Brake Usage F/R
ModelSole/ Stroker Ryde
No Longer Available
$36.00 (was $40.00)

Kevlar reinforced (black) hydraulic tubing: DOT-3/4/5.1 compatible. El Camino and Stroker Carbon/Trail kit includes specific fittings for lever and caliper. HFX-Mag/G2 kit includes a pre-crimped inline caliper fitting and specific HFX-Mag lever attachment (can be used with older G1 caliper if angle warrants fit) . HFX-9 kit includes a pre-crimped inline caliper fitting with specific HFX-9 lever attachment. Sole and Stroker Ryde kit includes specific fittings for lever and caliper. Tubing parts that fit HFX-Mag also fit Original, DH, FR, and Comp systems

- Fits Hayes So1e, Stroker Ryde
- Hayes part 98-17753
NOTE: Picture may be different that actual product, for more information please call 1-888-937-4331.

Hayes Hydraulic Tubing & Fittings
ActionItem #ModelPackagePriceAvailabilityPrice SmashHot Deal
006344033100Hfx-Mag*10/Pack$2.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 006344033100 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
006344034100HFX-Magindiv$4.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 006344034100 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100002288HFX-Mag/G21600mm$36.00In StockPrice Smash 
100002291HFX-9900mm$28.35In StockPrice Smash 
100002295Sole Stroker Ryde900mm$28.35In StockPrice Smash 
100002296Sole/ Stroker Ryde1600mm$16.99In StockPrice SmashItem number 100002296 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
100018704El Camino HFX-9 Sole Strokersold individually$12.66In StockPrice Smash 
100022419G1 G2 El Camino Stroker Carbon/Traileach$3.56Available  
100022421G1 G2 El Camino Stroker Carbon/Traileach$7.16Available  
100086785Stroker Carbon/Traileach$2.70In StockPrice Smash 
100116033El Camino/ Stroker Series1900mm - Black$40.50Available  
100116041El Camino/ Stroker Series900mm - White$28.35Available  
100116042El Camino/ Stroker Series1600mm - White$36.00Available  
100118212Prime ProEach$13.50Available  
100118213Prime ExpertEach$13.50Available  
100118216Prime Series900mm - Black$31.50In StockPrice Smash 
100118217Prime Series1900mm - Black$37.80In StockPrice Smash 
100118218Prime Series900mm - White$31.50Available  
100118219Prime Series1900mm - White$37.80Available  
100002297El Camino/ Stroker Series1600mm - Black$36.00In StockPrice Smash 
100002286El Camino/ Stroker Series900mm - Black$29.95In StockPrice Smash 
100002287HFX-Mag/G2900mm$23.95In StockPrice SmashItem number 100002287 is on sale as a Hot Deal!
Not Available100031658Sole/ Stroker Ryde1600mm$36.00No Longer Available  


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