Cambria Bicycle Outfitters Since 1986

About Us

Why Cambria Bicycle Outfitters

Get the CBO hook up! It's more than top brands at great prices.

We know what we're doing. That means we can offer you both the latest drool-worthy gear and deals so good your buddies will cry.

How's that work? When new products come out, we've got the knowledge and experience to tell whether it's actually worth your time and money. If it is, we'll tell you. If it isn't, we won't stock it. And when somebody has to clear out a warehouse, we know how to get the best of it at rock-bottom prices.

That's why at CBO you'll always find so many parts and accessories priced below wholesale. It's not that it's junk or we're desperate to sell it. Nope. You get killer deals because we've got badass buyers. It's that simple.

And when it comes time to build that crazy custom you've spent too long dreaming about, we've got the expertise and inventory to get it right. Because we don't get to just dream about the best gear out there, we get to ride it.

And that's the real story. Way back in 1986 when CBO was founded here in the coastal hills south of the Big Sur wilderness, it was for one reason. So we could ride the world's coolest bikes in the best place on earth.

Sure, Durango's got great cycling, and Mt. Tam's not bad. But there's a reason William Randolph Hearst built his crazy castle just up the road from us. This place is sick. That's why we're here, many of us for more than a decade. And we're still living the dream.

You should come ride with us sometime and see for yourself.




We've also got a super store, in nearby San Luis Obispo, a beautiful oceanfront college town. Stop in for a chance to caress the latest and greatest, and walk out with a mind-bending bargain.


Last but not least is our internet hub and 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Paso Robles. That's where the magic happens. (And that's where the kitties live.) When you call in, you're talking to us there, with tens of thousands of parts and accessories at our fingertips, plus a fleet of the world's best bikes -- all ready to ship to you today.