Fox Suspension 34 Talas 150-120 Factory 15QRx100

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sku: 55476

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Designed for the aggressive trail rider, the Factory Series 34 features a FIT4 damper, TALAS Adjustable Travel air spring, and super lightweight chassis. Starting at only 3.92 pounds, the 34 provides proven trail performance that instils confidence and control.


  • TALAS: Talas Adjustable Travel 
    _x000D_ The Talas feature provides two-step adjustable travel between 130 and _x000D_ 160mm.  Simply turn the crown-mounted Talas dial to the short travel _x000D_ setting, and push down on the fork. This setting is ideal for climbing _x000D_ when you need to keep the front end lower. Flip the lever back to the long _x000D_ travel setting, and you're ready for action.
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  • 3-Position FIT4 Damper
    Fox's FIT4 _x000D_ damper offers three main compression settings, Open/Medium/Firm. In _x000D_ the open position, the fork's oil flow is maximized, providing a very _x000D_ plush and responsive feel overall. The medium position stiffens the _x000D_ initial compression, allowing the fork to ride slightly higher in it's travel, _x000D_ reducing pedal bob/feedback. The firm setting will be increase initial _x000D_ compression resistance even more, and will offer the firmest ride of the _x000D_ three settings. Naturally, the open setting is intended for downhill trail _x000D_ sections, the medium setting is intended for primarily flat trail _x000D_ sections, and the firm setting is intended for climbing. In the open mode, _x000D_ the FIT4 damper offers 22 clicks of low speed compression, though it does _x000D_ lack the externally adjustable high speed compression that the RC2 damper _x000D_ offers (found on Fox's 36 RC2 forks). Why offer such a range of _x000D_ compression adjustment in the open setting when you could just flip the _x000D_ knob to the medium setting? Good question. The medium setting is intended _x000D_ for a quick on-the-fly switch to a firmer platform. On the inside of the _x000D_ fork, the medium setting, the fork has to push through a shim stack ever _x000D_ time it is compressed, which results in slightly harsher small bump _x000D_ performance. The open setting however does not utilize that shim stack, _x000D_ resulting in unadulterated performance - so it makes sense to give those _x000D_ extra 22 clicks of compression adjustability in this setting, as that is _x000D_ where you'll likely be spending the most time when riding.
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·        Wheel: 27.5"

·        Travel: 140mm

·        Axle: 15QR x 100mm

·        Damper Grip 3-Position Grip

·        Air Spring: Talas Adjustable Travel

·        Upper Tube Finish:Kashima

·        Color: Matte Black/Orange Logo

·        Rake 44mm