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Fox Suspension Float 34 120 29" Suspension Fork - 2019

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Fox Suspension Float 34 120 29" Suspension Fork - 2019

FOX's top fork for trail and light all-mountain use now comes with Step-Cast chassis and revised damping tuning for even better responsiveness.
Stiff 34 mm stanchions with friction-reduced KASHIMA coating, exclusive SKF seals and the closed cartridge ensure a long service life.
Different voting options ensure best performance on the trail, provided they are set correctly. And that's exactly where the problem lies - many hobby drivers are overwhelmed with it and do not properly exploit the potential of their suspension due to incorrect settings. The result is more frustration than pleasure in biking.
To prevent such problems in the future, Fox has thought and developed the 3-pos system. This extremely simplifies the pressure level adjustment and the coordination of the spring elements with each other, thus allowing an unprecedented performance and harmony of your suspension.

The distinctive shape of the dip tube design is not just for the look. In the Step-Cast (SC) chassis of the 34 series, FOX brings a narrower design to save weight in the lower fork part. Nevertheless, the 34 SC fork scores with excellent handling characteristics. The 34 mm stanchions and generously overlapping bushings ensure precise implementation of the steering impulses.

The fourth generation of the patented and encapsulated FIT4 (FOX Isolated Technology) cartridge system provides three on-the-run adjustable compression (open, medium and fixed) compression positions to adapt to terrain conditions at all times. The Factory Series forks also feature a low-speed compression setting with 22 clicks in open mode, allowing the rider to fine-tune spring behavior to their preferences.
The FIT4 cartridge silencer has been redesigned based on the award-winning HSC / LSC damper, so all forks now feature a significantly more powerful damper. This year, the FIT4 damper has been updated with an improved tuning that provides more sensitivity and yet firm grip.

The enlarged negative air chamber significantly improves the response of the fork. This increases the comfort, because the breakaway torque could be reduced. In addition, a more linear spring characteristic offers better performance, especially in the middle travel ranges.

The FLOAT air suspension system reduces the breakaway torque and thus provides a highly sensitive fork and rich comfort even with small punches. And that for every driver type and for the most different air pressure. Similar to the FLOAT struts, the FLOAT suspension system features a positive and a negative air chamber, which automatically align with each other when driving
compensate. Each driver thus enjoys the benefits of the correct, precisely balanced air pressure in both air chambers. The progression of the spring characteristic curve can be adjusted with our air volume spacers - which allows every driver to precisely adjust the characteristics of the air spring.

The Genuine Kashima Coat coating for a buttery-soft ride is exclusively available only from FOX, the Kashima Coat logo is applied to both stanchions. The distinctive golden Genuine Kashima Coat coating delivers superior overall performance for minimal friction and optimum responsiveness with maximum durability.


  • Intended use : Cross Country Trail, All Mountain
  • Impeller size: 29 "
  • Material fork crown / shaft: aluminum / aluminum
  • Material stanchions: Kashima, coating gold
  • Material dip tubes: aluminum
  • axle type : 15x110 mm Kabolt through axle
  • Steerer: 1.5 "to 1 1/8" tapered
  • Travel: 120 mm
  • Spring system: Float air
  • Damping: 3-pos-FIT4, closed cartridge
  • Lockout: fork crown
  • Installation height: 527.1 mm
  • Brake mount: Postmount
  • Max. permissible brake disc size: 210 mm
  • Tire diameter max .: 29 "
  • Tire width max .: 2.6 ", width in the triple clamp: approx. 90 mm
  • Offset: 51 mm
  • Color: black matt, orange-gray decals
  • Weight: 1623 g (manufacturer)