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Fox Suspension Float CTD Trail Adjust Rear Shock

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CTD: Kashima coated air sleeve and body, lever actuated 3-position Climb/Trail/Descend, air spring pressure, rebound, angled air valve for easier access, lightweight chassis.


Climb. Trail. Descend.

With an easy flip of the blue CTD lever, you will quickly achieve optimum rear suspension performance for all types of riding terrain.

  • Climb mode: engages the firmest low-speed compression setting for maximum pedaling efficiency.
  • Trail mode: a moderate low-speed compression setting for an optimal blend of pedaling efficiency and bike control, in undulating riding terrain.
  • Descend mode: sets the low-speed compression setting to fully open, for plush absorbency and maximum bike control on steep, aggressive descents.

The blue CTD lever switches your riding platform modes. Rotating 120° between Descend mode position (shown below), change to Trail mode (when the CTD lever is positioned in line with the shock), and Climb mode (when the CTD lever is turned all the way clockwise, to the left).

The black Trail Adjust control on the CTD BV model allows you to fine-tune your riding platform to soft, medium, or firm within Trail mode only.

Adjusting Rebound

Rebound controls the rate at which your shock returns after it has been compressed. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions. A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible, without so vigorously bouncing back and pushing you out of the saddle.

The rebound knob has 12-15 clicks of adjustment.

For slower rebound, turn the red adjuster knob clockwise.

For faster rebound, turn the red adjuster knob counter-clockwise.


Spring: Air
Riding Style: XC, Trail, AM
Custom Tune ID: CLTY