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Geax Mezcal MTB Tire

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Geax Mezcal MTB Tire

Mezcal featuring Rails Design Technology which improves traction for quick cornering and slip-free climbing. Ideal for hard packed surfaces

Many, small side knobs are placed on two parallel arrays to serve two different purposes: the knobs closer to the tread center helps cornering on low-speed while the knobs closer to the sidewall is very effective on high-speed, high-radius turns. The distance between these two knob arrays is calculated to limit the "grip-no grip sensation associated with many other MTB tires.

Also features Tuned Spring Rate casing which helps resist pinch flats, while at the same time, enhancing directional control and steering precision. Higher spring rates reduce the amount of deformation of the tire, lowering the chances of a pinch flat. Helps control a tires compression and rebound. By changing the composition, symmetry and the thread count of the casing fabric making it act like a shock absorber. Filters out small, high-frequency bumps, no bouncing or chattering.

  • Weight - 2.1" Approx 530g (2.3 "- 730g)
  • XC Casing - Sticky Soft Compound