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Geax Sturdy MTB Tire

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Geax Sturdy MTB Tire

Geax Sturdy MTB Tire

A great agressive XC tire perfect for rocky, technichal riding. This tire has well spaced square profile knobs making it shed mud well also. Multi-directional siping, stepped effective edges, and Sticky compound provide unmatched tactile grip. Leading edge ramps lower rolling resistance, while sharp braking edges offer continuous control.

Through ingenious engineering, Geax Tuned Spring Rate casing helps resist pinch flats, while at the same time, enhancing directional control and steering precision. Higher spring rates reduce the amount of deformation of the tire, lowering the chances of a pinch flat.

Geax Tuned Spring Rate Casing helps control a tires compression and rebound. By changing the composition, symmetry and the thread count of the casing fabric, Geax is able to tune the tire so that it acts like a shock absorber. A Geax tire filters out small, highfrequency bumps, providing you with a more consistent contact area and improved handling. No bouncing or chattering, just a smooth supple ride.


  • Weight - 830g (27.5")
  • Clincher
  • Folding Bead

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