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Industry Nine Torch Classic MTB Rear Hub - Boost

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sku: 104366

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Industry Nine Torch Classic MTB Rear Hub - Boost

The Industry Nine Torch Classic rear MTB ISO boost hub is a low weight, low drag hub that has an oversized, butted 20/17mm axle and external seals. The large diameter disc flanges improve wheel stiffness and braking torque transfer. The flanges are angled for lower spoke stress and the hub offers interchangeable endcaps for easy convertibility between different axle types.

Boost spacing pushes the hub flanges outward. This gives the spokes a more optimal bracing angle, resulting in a stiffer wheelbuild. In the rear of the bike, Boost spacing pushes the chain line outward for added tire clearance, a key feature for plus bikes. Shorter rear chain stays are also a possibility with Boost which allows for quicker cornering and improved climbing characteristics.  

The Torch features Industry Nines famous 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism. This superior engagement means the hub picks up every 3 degrees of rotation for minimal lag when you are putting power down on the pedals. Quick engagement is ideal for sprints, cyclocross applications, and steep MTB climbs where a delay in power can cause you to become unstable or topple over. All Industry Nine parts are made in the USA. The Torch utilizes a contact seal packed with marine grease external to the bearings to keep grime and grit out of the cartridge bearing. This serves to extend longevity and equals less service required in the long run. The hubs can be easily serviced with standard shop tool.


Technical Information:
  • Weight: 270g +/- 5%
  • Bearings: 1 x 61903, 1 x 61804, 1 x 61803, 1 x 3803
  • Axle: 148 x 12mm TA Boost only
  • Available in eleven colors 
  • Colors may vary slightly between your computer monitor display and the actual product
  • Wheel building dimensions:
  • Flange diameter non drive side: 57.9mm
  • Flange diameter drive side: 60.4mm
  • Center to flange non drive side: 37.7mm
  • Center to flange drive side:24.5mm

Additional Information:

Two-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship
Made in the USA

Collections: Hubs, MTB Hubs

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