WTB LaserDisc Trail 29er Front Wheel

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WTB LaserDisc Trail 29er Front Wheel

The ultimate Wagon Wheels. Featuring a 21 millimeter inner hook bead width LaserDisc Trail 29” rims, 32 WTB double-butted spokes and LaserDisc Lite hubs, these wheels are light enough for the racecourse yet strong enough for aggressive trail riding.


The I-Beam, found exclusively on LaserDisc series rims, was pioneered by WTB in 1994. This distinctive, centrally located vertical support counters spoke loads and provides torsional rigidity.
Unbendium Bulge:
An additional band of aluminium added to the rim’s sidewall that counters torsional, radial and lateral flex. This rib, which replaces the braking surface, provides an impressive boost in strength with a negligible difference in weight. This WTB innovation is found exclusively on LaserDisc series rims.


WTB’s proprietary Global Bead Seat design utilizes deeper grooves for the bead seats as well as two raised lips that lock the tire’s beads into place on the rim. GBS–featured on LaserDisc, SpeedDisc and Dual Duty series rims–holds the tire firmly in place and greatly reduces the chance of “burping” the tire off the rim in heavy lateral loading.

WTB Double-Butted Spokes:

LaserDisc wheels are built with top-quality WTB-branded spokes. These premium double-butted spokes are much thicker at the J-bend (the weakest point on the average spoke), yet they still weigh less than standard spokes. WTB spokes are 2.5 millimeters at the elbow, where standard double-butted spokes are 2.0 millimeters at this point. These small differences add up to a stronger, stiffer wheelset.

  • Usage: 29” Cross Country/ All Mountain Racing
  • Weight: 950g
  • Rim size designation: 622x21c
  • Inner rim width: 21mm
  • Holes and lacing: 32 hole Three Cross
  • Hub bearings & QR: LaserDisc Lite, Stainless Bearings, QR included
  • Rim & spokes: Trail 29" rim, Eyelets, Black 14/15g spokes, Alloy nipples


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